Spellsinging Bard and Paladin of Freedom


Chaotic Good Changeling
Bard 10
Paladin 10
Seeker of the Song 9
Sublime Cord 9

Str 24 (7) [base 18, belt strength +6]
Dex 14 (
Con 20 (5) [base 14, amulet +6]
Int 14 (
Wis 14 (2)
Cha 33 (
11) [base 18, natural increases +4, book +5, cloak +6]

AC: 39 [10+(mithral 5 full plate =13)(heavy mithral 5 shield =7)(dex 2)(natural amour item +2), (deflection from ring of protection +5)]
Touch: 17
Flat-footed: 37

HP: 196 [10+(5×18)(6×10)(4×9)]

Initiative: 2

Fort: 25 (base 9, con +5, cha +11)
Ref: 22 (base 9, ref +2, cha +11)
Will: 24 (base 11, wis +2, cha +11)

BAB: 16/11/6/1
Grapple: +23

5 merciful Longsword: +28/23/18/13 (1d8+1d6+12)
SMITE EVIL: 33 (1d81d6+22)
3 Harpoon (thrown): +21 (6d88) [turns colossal, has a +30 grapple check with chain]

Rapture of the Song (2 AC, +2 saves, DR2/-)
Combine Songs
Burning Melody (resistance to fire 15, 30ft cone of 6d6 fire)
Song of Unmaking (9d8 damage to constructs in 30ft burst)
Dirge of Frozen Loss (resistance to cold 15, 60ft line of 10d6 cold)
Song of Life (immunity to disease & poison for allies, heal HP equal to perform check)
Anthem of Thunder and Pain (resistance to electricity 15, ray of 10d6 electricity, chains to 3 extra targets)
Hymn of Spelldeath (listeners must pass a concentration check equal to perform check to cast spell, refrain is dispell magic)
Ballad of Agony Reborn (resistance to acid 15, 60ft ray of 10d6 acid then another 10d6 next turn)
Aria of Everywhere (dimension door- 25ft +5ft/level)
Dirge of Songdeath (resistance to sonic 15, bards within 30ft must beat my perform check to use music, 60ft ray of sonic damage)
Song of Arcane Power (
4 caster level for next spell)
Song of Timelessness (stop time on 1 creature)

Paladin (2x level 1, 2x level 2)

Bard/Sublime Chord
Level 0: (3/day, 6 known)
Detect Magic (PHBp219)
Mage Hand (PHBp249)
Mending (PHBp253)
Prestidigitation (PHBp264)
Read Magic (PHBp269)
Summon Instrument (PHBp285)

Level 1: (6/day, 4 known)
Cure Light Wounds (PHBp215)
Expeditious Retreat (PHBp228)
Improvisation (SCp2121)
Insidious Rhythm (SCp124)

Level 2: (6/day, 4 known)
Eagle’s Splendour (PHBp225)
Entice Gift (SCp83)
Fly, Swift (SCp96)
Grace (SCp107)

Level 3: (9/day, 4 known)
Allegro (SCp9)
G’elsewhere Chant (SCp100)
Haste (SCp107)
Unluck (SCp28)

Level 4: (6/day, 6 known)
Ruin Delver’s Fortune (SCp178)
Sirine’s Grace (SCp191)
Bite of the Werewolf (SCp29)
Cure Critical Wounds (PHBp215)
Invisibility, Greater (PHBp245)
Orb of Acid (SCp150)

Level 5: (6/day, 4 known)
Cacophonic Burst (SCp41)
Draconic Might (SCp72)
Prismatic Ray (SCp162)
Moonbow (SCp144)

Level 6: (6/day, 4 known)
Bite of the Weretiger (SCp28)
Fires of Purity (SCp94)
Antimagic Field

Level 7: (5/day, 3 known)
Prismatic Spray
Bite of the Werebear (SCp28)
Reverse Gravity

Level 8: (3/day, 2 known)
Irresistible Dance
Shout, Greater

Level 9: (2/day, 1 known)
Absorbtion (SCp6)



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