Rurick Audax

Dwarf Werebear


Lawful Good Dwarf
Level 6: Wizard5/Werebear3/Ranger3/Factotum1/Dwarven Master of Lycanthropy1

Homeland: Aranick
Deity: Moradin

Str: 22 +6 (just 10 in dwarf form)
Dex: 18 +4 (all natural)
Con: 20 +5 (18 in dwarf form)
Int: 19 +4 (all natural; started at 18, boosted to 19 at lvl 4)
Wis: 17 +3 (15 naturally, +2 from magic amulet)
Cha: 6 -2 (all natural)

Initiative: 4

AC: 18 (4 dex, 4 natural armour)
Touch: 14
Flat: 14

Fort: 9 (5 base +5 Con, -1 for background)
Ref: 9 (5 base +4 Dex)
Will: 8 (5 base +3 Wis)

HP: 126
DR: 10/Silver (from Lycanthrope)
Spell Resistance: 11 (from Dwarf alternative racial trait Magic Resistance of 5+level)

Speed: 20ft (40 in hybrid form)

BAB: 7/2 (+1 at every level so far, and I have an additional half level)

CMB: 13 (7 BAB +6 Str)
CMD: 27 (
7 BAB +6 Str +4 Dex)

Weapon: Claws
Bonus: 13 (+7 BAB +6 Str)
Critical: x2
Damage: 1d6 +6
Type: S

Weapon: Bite
Bonus: 13 (+7 BAB +6 Str)
Critical: x2
Damage: 1d8 +6
Type: P

Weapon: Nightstalker’s Greatsword
Bonus: 14 (+7 BAB +6 Str, +1 from blade) [sword bonus scales as I level somehow]
Critical: 19-20 x2
Damage: 2d6 +7
Type: S

Weapon: Light Crossbow (masterwork)
Bonus: 12 (+7 BAB +4 Dex, +1 for masterwork)
Critical: 19-20 x2
Damage: 1d8
Type: P

Weapon: Dwarven Waraxe
Bonus: 13 (+7 BAB +6 Str)
Critical: x3
Damage: 1d10 +9 (Str bonus x1.5 as used 2-handed)
Type: S

Weapon: Dagger (masterwork)
Bonus: 14 (+7 BAB +6 Str, +1 masterwork)
Critical: 19-20 x2
Damage: 1d4 +6
Type: S/P

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Draconic, Undercommon, Goblin, Orc

Money: 791 gold

Forced Willpower (automatic level 1)
Combat Casting (background)
Arcane Strike [pathfinder version] (background)
Power Attack (level 3)
Cleave (ranger fighting style feat)
Endurance (ranger level 3)
Merciful Spell (metamagic bonus feat)
Shield of Swings (level 6)

Scholar & Noble House

Racial Abilities:
Slow & Steady
Deep Warrior
Magic Resistance
Dwarven Weapons
Lycanthropic Empathy
Curse of Lycanthropy

Class Features:
Arcane Bond (monkey familiar; Jenkins the monkey butler)
Arcane School (evocation; forbidden schools are necromancy and enchantment/illusion)
Scribe Scroll
Favoured Enemy (humans)
Wild Empathy
Favoured Terrain (plains)
Inspiration Points (2)
Cunning Insight
Cunning Knowledge
Craft Lupine Fetish
Shift Points (60)
Untapped Knowledge
Arcane Resilience 1
Favoured Enemy (commanders)

Skills: Total Ranks Mod Class Misc
Acrobatics 7 4 3 3 (monkey)
Appraise 1 4 3
Bluff 1 -2 3
Change Shape 1 3 3
Climb 1 6 3
Craft (metalworking) 1 4 3
Diplomacy 1 -2 3
Disable Device 1 4 3
Disguise 1 -2 3
Escape Artist 1 4 3
Fly 1 4 3
Handle Animal 1 -2 3
Heal 1 3 3
Intimidate 1 -2 3
Knowledge Arcana 7 4 3
Knowledge Dungeoneering 1 4 3
Knowledge Engineering 1 4 3
Knowledge Geography 1 4 3
Knowledge History 1 4 3
Knowledge Local 1 4 3
Knowledge Nature 1 4 3
Knowledge Nobility 1 4 3
Knowledge Planes 1 4 3
Knowledge Religion 1 4 3
Linguistics 1 4 3
Perception 5 3 3 -2 (backgrounds)
Perform 1 -2 3
Profession 1 3 3
Ride 1 4 3
Sense Motive 1 3 3 -1 (background)
Sleight of Hand 1 4 3
Spellcraft 7 4 3
Stealth 7 4 3
Survival 1 3 3 -2 (background)
Swim 1 6 3
Use Magic Device 1 -2 3

Amulet of +2 Wisdom
explorer’s outfit
scholar’s outfit
artisan’s tools
case for map/scroll
flint & steel
ink & pen
bullseye lantern
rope (silk) 50ft
rations (3 days)
Potions of cure light wounds x3
cakes & sweets

Captain Obvious

Spells per Day:
Level 0: 4+0 =4
Level 1: 3+1 =4
Level 2: 3+1 =4
Level 3: 2+1 =3

  • = Prepared

Spells Known:
Level 0
Acid Splash
Detect Magic*
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Dancing Lights*
Ray of Frost
Ghost Sound
Haunted Fey Aspect
Mage Hand*
Arcane Mark

Level 1
Mage Armour*
True Strike
Protection From Evil
Magic Missile
Burning Disarm
Expeditious Excavation
Hydraulic Push*
Poly-purpose Panacea*
Touch of Gracelessness
Touch of the Sea
Crafter’s Fortune
Obscuring Mist
Colour Spray
Magic Weapon
Summon Monster 1
Shocking Grasp

Level 2
Admonishing Ray*
Fire Breath
Cat’s Grace
Bear’s Endurance
Bull’s Strength
Eagle’s Splendour
Fox’s Cunning
Owl’s Wisdom
Scorching Ray*
Fog Cloud
Mount, Communal
Stone Call
Blood Transcription
Burning Gaze
Defensive Shock
Fire Breath
Fire Sneeze*
Pilfering Hand
Alter Self
Animal Aspect
Make Whole
Rope Trick
Arrow Eruption

Level 3
Mad Monkeys*
Dispel Magic
Magic Circle Against Evil
Blood Biography
Draconic Reservoir
Water Breathing
Strangling Hair
Spider Climb, Communal
Protection From Energy
Lightning Bolt*
Battering Blast
Diamond Spray
Twilight Knife
Anthropomorphic Animal
Enter Image
Pup Shape
Call the Void
Force Punch
Hydraulic Torrent

Quick Reference Table – The Cost of Writing New Spells into the Spell-book:
Cantrip: 5gp
Level 1: 10gp
Level 2: 40gp
Level 3: 90gp
Level 4: 160gp
Level 5: 250gp
Level 6: 360gp
Level 7: 490gp
Level 8: 640gp
Level 9: 810gp

Burning Hands
Charm Monster
Charm Person
Crushing Despair
Globe of Invulnerability, lesser
Hideous Laughter
Hold Portal
Illusionary Poison
Illusionary Script
Illusionary Wall
Magic Mouth
Minor Image
Mirror Image
Protection From Good
Resilient Sphere
Silent Image
Solid Fog
Summon Monster 3
Beast Shape 2
Black Tentacles
False Life
Mark of Blood
Ray of Exhaustion
Summon Eidolon
Vampiric Touch
Acid Pit
Bestow Curse
Summon Monster 5

To use as scrolls:
Dispel Magic
Protection from Evil
Blood Biography
Burning Disarm



Kale – Stu (Stonechild)
Autumn – Simon (Shide; fey-plant-thing)
Caleburn – Jason (Elf or half-elf)
Darrion – (just says older brother in my notes; presumably Rurik’s brother?)
Goldsporen – (Head of Oreum Advanturers College)
Vanic – trainee adventurer and victim of drug-induced murderous rampage
Thainess Pelrith Brazenclaw – (Dwarf lady from the Elemental Thorn)
Von Hensen – explorer’s guild member and mapmaker
Lady Varish Sane – spirit walker who healed the Watch-Captain’s son
Mayor Tilbean – mayor of Valourwatch
Tyrek loose laces (no idea who this guy is/was)
Proctor Mashush – the curator of the Valorwatch museum (now deceased due to brain-worm)
Jenimeebe – gnome librarian/assistant-curator at the Valorwatch museum
Obalia – the bald criminal bloke, friend of pick-pocketing halfling
Goren Wraith – some wizard whose spell-book I stole
Cragwell Razorrock – a dwarf barman in the small village of Korhaven
Shanaria – mafia woman (who Caleburn is befriending)
Ishval the Ovumancer – a guy in Korhaven who can levitate eggs

Kime – a drug, also known as the forlorne heckler

Modified scroll of sending from Von Hensen, which sends 15 pages of stuff to the explorer’s guild in Thronereach

Nightstalker’s Blade: a greatsword giving +1 stealth, perception & survival at night; is a +1/4levels weapon, deading a base damage of 2d6
Nightstalker was a knight of the 2nd king; I imagine that he was like batman

Souls of Vornisha (guard the leylines)
The Purge of the Dragons 6,000 years ago
Flee or unite
The Guardians of Vornisha sought to wipe out all traces of the Dragons (not sure why)
Dragons won, trapped the souls of Vornisha in glass orbs (which guard the leylines)

Knight of Valour (female, name not let discovered): the town now known as Valourwatch was originally founded by bandit groups as a neutral meeting place (basically it was a hive of scum and villainy). The knight of Valour conquered it and repelled the siege that the bandits later laid

Knight of the (can’t read my writing, looks like grow!)
Knight of the (can’t read my writing, looks like manakin?)
Knight of the Mind
Knight of the Battlefield
Knight of the Snake
Knight of Fortune
Knight of Ferocity
Knight of Reflection
Knight of the Populous
Knight of the Blood
Knight of Justice
Knight of Cruelty
Knight of Destinies
Knight of the Border
Knight of Valour
Knight of the Night (Nightstalker)

Tora Kal’i (pronounced Tora-Kal-Eye): an agency dedicated to rooting out Harkan spies

Milton-Wood insurance

The Galabrium (a place in Harken)

Large red crystal from the Valourwatch museum, the eye of… (similar to the clear one on the septre of the King from the burial mound)

Stolen from the museum: 22 books on archelology & geneology, portraits, sculpture from the Northern Coast (Bloodshed of Envoy’s End), Dragon’s hoard, the worm, the oberin-laden mule (the last few are art pieces, pictures etc)

Pub in Valourwatch: the gilded badger

Cragwell Razorrock – a dwarf barman in the small village of Korhaven selling enchanted beer (the King’s brew); his other beer (hammer-ale) is a decent dwarven brew.
He gets the King’s brew from a guy names Palesey

Are the souls of Vornisha the jewels the the Worm-guys are smashing?

Rurick Audax

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