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  • James Woodhouse

    James Woodhouse's first significant exposure to the supernatural occurred at Fort Greenfield- during the famous "Fort Greenfield incident". James ended up making a stand of the top of the signaling tower of the fort, sniping at shambling monsters whilst …

  • Hunter

    A non-euclidean entity, in a greatcoat. Hunter of Broken Oaths ('Hunter' to his friends - if he can be said to have any) came to the West with a Mission - he is determined to ensure that the walls of the universe hold and that the laws of reality remain …

  • Twilight

    Twilight is a magical unicorn from a 'Ponyland' world were various sentient magical equines are the dominant species. Shortly after arriving in the RiftWest, during her time at [[the Academy]], twilight was told a prophecy by an old goat of a hermit on a …

  • Clint

    Was there (at [[the Academy]], teaching shooting) when [[:orson]] was unmasked as a Traitor by [[:james-woodhouse]] (in fact, James probably saved his life from the desperate Orson).

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