A random, of-the-cuff world for an improvisational game of weird west/lovecraftfian/disney-esk insanity.
The games in the world of RiftWest will use the fate system, more or less as presented in the Dresden Files RPG

A parallel world, in a region similar to the old west (with a serious helping of weird). In addition to being inspired by westerns, the game will draw on Deadlands, Spirit of the Century, Girl Genius, Call of Cuthulhu and (weirdest of all) my little pony.
Rifts (often associated with storms) have bought in the flotsam and jetsam of other worlds, and in particular the influence of magic. There is a touch of Wierd Science! (of the crackling electricity and hissing steam variety) in the technology available.
Skilled Rangers/Marshals know as the Border Wardens roam the wilds, tasked with keeping the peace and maintaining the integrity of reality.

the Academy – the training facility and headquarters of the Border Wardens
Boothill – a small town formed during a gold-rush that managed to last past the boom



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